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In an emergency, every second counts, and maneuvering through a crowd takes extra time. Riding a Segway PT makes you 8” taller and lets you see above the crowd so when you’re trying to reach a patient in distress, that extra height is invaluable to your line of sight. This translates into getting there faster! Plus, because the Segway PT is so easily maneuverable, you can be right in the thick of things instead of staging on the periphery which would add to your response time. And with the 360º visibility of the StreetSmart Light Bars, the scene is easily targeted for your backup team.

What makes the StreetSmart LifeLine® so different? 

Integrated Front Bag: We’ve taken the standard Segway Handlebar Bag and added all the extras needed for EMS. This means you get heavy-duty Whelen® quality in a red/white flashing light, plus high intensity, white front driving light mounted on a swivel bracket, and our custom compact siren with volume control.

StreetSmart® Light Bars: Our black powder-coated 12 gauge steel Light Bars have Whelen SmartLED® heavy-duty lights. Each Light Bar has a white front driving light and flashing red tail light plus 4 alternating red/white flashing high intensity lights giving you true 360º visibility.  

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StreetSmart LifeLine® Med Bags: Inside each Segway Hard Case is our custom designed Med Bag. Made from waterproof polyduck with a sturdy #10 self healing double-headed zipper, these bags were designed to give you incredible versatility. The interior is fully lined with Velcro-compatible fabric and comes with 6 color-coded pouches. The pouches have a double-polished vinyl top allowing clear, rapid recognition of equipment and supplies. Plus all our Med Bags have pharmaceutical lock capability. The Red Med Bag comes with an additional pouch that can be securely attached to the inside top of the hard case with the included industrial strength 2” Velcro and the Blue Med Bag has a sleeved aluminum oxygen cylinder with toggle valve and brass 0-25 lpm regulator. All StreetSmart units come with a fully customizable reflective sticker graphics package.

StreetSmart Lifeline®

Because Time Matters™ – EMS Segway

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