Moving Corporate and Industrial Environments Forward

Businesses in today’s world need to be nimble, responsive, and productive. Often faced with smaller operating budgets, companies are continuously seeking ways to do more with less. That’s a challenge for the Segway Personal Transporter (PT). The Segway PT improves employee productivity, maneuverability and response time, while taking up less space, less energy, and creating fewer emissions. A Segway PT can bring many benefits to your organization

Multiply Your Force

Employees can complete their daily rounds up to three times faster and can do so more frequently when using a Segway PT versus walking.

Improve Response Time

the Segway PT allows a rider to get from Point A to Point B more quickly and with less physical exertion. Employees can accomplish more without feeling fatigued at the end of every shift.

Improve Visibility

The Segway PT’s higher platform height affords riders improved sightlines and visibility within their environment. This is especially helpful in industrial settings or crowded pedestrian areas.

Segway For Business

Enhancing Recreational and Adventure Locations

Do you want to do something different, add something new? We can help you create a program using the Segway PT tailored to fit your location and your budget. Whether it’s putting in a Segway Experience Track, having a Rental Program, or developing a Segway PT Tour, we can help. Find out how you can create the Segway Experience in your business.

 Support sustainability initiatives

Whether your company is seeking to reduce their carbon footprint or to reduce the costs associated with traditional fuel vehicles and their maintenance, the Segway PT can improve both. Read the Energy Efficiency Report from Segway Inc.

Purchasing & Financing

Segway Inc and the Dealer network have partnered with First Mutual Finance for simple and affordable Financing for both corporate and recreational environments. Click below to learn more about the fast, easy, and secure way to finance your investment.

Corporate Rentals

All training, technical support and on-site service are provided by our local and professional staff. Segway of Utah is the only “full service” Segway PT dealer in Utah providing tours, special events, corporate rentals and mobile media marketing. Delivering excellent customer service and quick response times are of paramount importance to us. No matter where your event is taking place, “we come to you ” with on-site delivery and product orientation.

Complete Training

Complete training provided either on-site or at our office

Delivery and Pick- UP

If you can’t or don’t want to lift your Segway, we will come to you.

Customer Support

Repairs and Service for all Segway PT Models Purchased form your Utah Segway PT Dealer.

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